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Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Chefs, Cleaners

Join our A-A Quality Care Team

We are looking for nurses, chefs, cleaners and care workers who want to be part of our A-A Quality Care Team. We are looking for people who take pride in their skills and the experience they bring.


You have trained hard to become a registered nurse and we value the skills and experience that can bring to our team. If you want flexibility and variety in your work plus good rates of pay that are tailored to suit your needs apply now.

Care workers

We value experienced and dedicated health care assistants. You are essential in the support of people in need. Call us or complete our application form to discuss how you can become part of our A-A Quality Care Team.

If you are just starting out in your career and want to get ahead we can support you with our Quality Care Courses. Call us to find out more.


Our cleaners do more than clean, they create the environment that makes everyone feel and work safer and better. Knowing the right cleaning methods, using the right equipment, dealing with safety, hygiene and managing waste and recyclables are key skills in the A-A Quality Care Team. We would love to hear from you. Apply now.


Planning and developing nutritious meals within budgets is a key part of caring for people who are frail and in need of special diets. We are looking for experienced chefs who know how to manage a kitchen and three meals a day - and also produce those special requirements such as birthday cakes or special treats.

If you have experience of cooking in a care facility, for the elderly or those needing nursing please complete our application form now.

Training and support

Training and support is an essential part of our A-A Quality Care Team. We support you as you support us, enabling us to build a team that delivers quality staff to our wide range of clients.

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